Volume 48 Number 1 January 1952


Absolute Viscosity of Water at 20° C PDF File
I. F. Swindells, J. R. Coe, Jr., and T. B. Godfrey

On Some Functionals of Laplacian Processes PDF File
R. Fortet

Solubility of Carbon in 18-Percent-Chromium-10-Percent- Nickel Austenite PDF File
Samuel J. Rosenberg and Carolyn R. Irish

Uniformly Best Constant Risk and Minimax Point Estimates PDF File
Raymond P. Peterson

Sensitive Mercury-Level Detecting Unit for Manometers PDF File
W. E. Williams, Jr.

A Note on Bounds of Multiple Characteristic Roots of a Matrix PDF File
P. Stein

Binding Energies for Electrons of Different Types PDF File
Charlotte E. Moore and Henry Norris Russell

On the Estimation of an Eigenvalue by an Additive Functional of a Stochastic Process, With Special Reference to the Kac-Donsker Method PDF File
R. Fortet

Synthesis and Physical Properties of n-Heptane and 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane PDF File
Philip Pomerantz

Some General Theorems on Iterants PDF File
P. Stein

Ionization Constant of 5-5'-Diethylbarbituric Acid from 0° to 60° C PDF File
George G. Manov, Kathryn E. Schuette, and Floyd S. Kirk

Infrared Absorption Spectra of Five Halomethanes PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and Nicolo Acquista