Volume 70A Number 6 November-December 1966


Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratios and Atomic Weight of Magnesium PDF File
Edward J. Catanzaro, Thomas J. Murphy, Ernest L Garner, and William R. Shields

Mass Spectrometric Study of Photoionization V. Water and Ammonia PDF File
Vernon H. Dibeler, James A. Walker, and Henry M. Rosenstock

Interpretation of the Third Spectrum of Gold (Au III) PDF File
Laura Iglesias

A Formal Solution for Slit Corrections in Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering PDF File
Jacob Mazur and Andrew M. Wims

High-Temperature Reactions of Hexafluorobenzene PDF File
Joseph M. Antonucci and Leo A. Wall

The Melting Temperatures of the n-Paraffins and the Convergence Temperature for Polyethylene PDF File
Martin G. Broadhurst

General Treatment of the Thermogravimetry of Polymers PDF File
Joseph H. Flynn and Leo A. Wall

Viscoelastic Behavior Under Large Deformations PDF File
Louis J. Zapas

Statistical Aspects of Second and Third Law Heats PDF File
William S. Horton

Density-Temperature Formulae for Coexisting Liquid and Vapor and for Freezing Liquid Parahydrogen PDF File
Robert D. Goodwin

Solubility of CaHPO4 - 2H2O and Formation of Ion Pairs in the System Ca(OH)2- H3PO4 - H2O at 37.5 °C PDF File
Edgard C. Moreno, Thomas M. Gregory, and Walter E. Brown

Dissociation of Some Substituted Phenols in 50-Percent Aqueous Methanol as Solvent PDF File
R. A. Robinson and Roger G. Bates