Volume 101 Number 4 July-August 1996

Front Cover–Title Page–In Memoriam (Dr. Jean W. Gallagher)–PrefacePDF File 604 kb


Very Cold Indeed: The Nanokelvin Physics of Bose-Einstein Condensation PDF File 456 kb
Eric Cornell

Methods for a Nonuniform Bose Gas PDF File 133 kb
Kerson Huang and Paolo Tommasini

Theory of Interacting Quantum Gases PDF File 214 kb
H. T. C. Stoof, M. Bijlsma, and M. Houbiers

Generalized Mean fields for Trapped Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates PDF File 179 kb
N. B. Proukakis and K. Burnett

Effective Action Approach to Bose-Einstein Condensation of Ideal Gases PDF File 228 kb
Klaus Kirsten and David J. Toms

Cold Binary Atomic Collissions in a Light Field PDF File 267 kb
Paul S. Julienne

A Spectroscopic Determination of Scattering Lengths for Sodium Atom Collisions PDF File 507 kb
Eite Tiesenga, Carl J. Williams, Paul S. Julienne, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett, and William D. Phillips

Estimating Bounds on Collission Relaxation Rates of Spin-Polarized 87-Rb Atoms at Ultracold Temperatures PDF File 1456 kb
Frederick H. Mies, Carl J. Williams, Paul S. Julienne, and Morris Kraus

The Condensate Wave Function of a Trapped Atomic Gas PDF File 148 kb
F. Dalfovo, L. Pitaevskii, and S. Stringari

Approximate Solutions of the Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation for Ground and Excited States of Bose-Einstein Condensates PDF File 163 kb
R. J. Dodd

Zero-Temperature, Mean-Field Theory of Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates PDF File 293 kb
Mark Edwards, R. J. Dodd, Charles W. Calrk, and K. Burnett

Aspect Ratio Analysis for Ground States of Bosons in Anisotropic Traps PDF File 126 kb
Kirill N. Ilinski and Alexander Moroz

Near-Resonant Imaging of Trapped Cold Atomic Samples PDF File 292 kb
L. You and Maciej Lewenstein

Atomic Phase Conjugation From a Bose Condensate PDF File 177 kb
Elena V. Goldstein, Katja Plaettner, and Pierre Meystre

Why a Condensate Can Be Thought of a Having a Definite Phase PDF File 117 kb
S. M. Barnett, K. Burnett, and J. A. Vaccarro

News Briefs PDF File 318 kb

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