Volume 66A Number 6 November-December 1962


Heat of Formation of Nitronium Perchlorate PDF File
Alexis A. Gilliland

Phase Equilibrium Relations in the Binary System Bismuth Sesquioxide-Niobium Pentoxide PDF File
R.rS. Roth and J. L. Waring

Elastic Constants of Rutile (TiO2) PDF File
J. B. Wachtman, Jr., W. E. Tefft, and D. G. Lam, Jr.

Reaction of Hardened Portland Cement Paste With Carbon Dioxide PDF File
Charles M. Hunt and Lewis A. Tomes

Titanium Standards for Hydrogen Content PDF File
J. T. Sterling, F. J. Palumbo, and L. L. Wyman

Ultraviolet Stability of Crosslinked Polycaprolactam Systems PDF File
Stephen D. Bruck

Spectral-Line Intensities and gf-Values in the First Spectrum of Copper PDF File
Charles H. Corliss

Batch Adsorption From Solution PDF File
William V. Loebenstein

Separation of Hafnium from Zirconium and Their Determination: Separation by Anion-Exchange PDF File
Lawrence A. Machlan and John L. Hague