Volume 45 Number 3 September 1950


Wide-Range Phase Control with Constant Attenuation by Adjustable Impedance in a Resistance-Loaded Bridged-Tee Network PDF File
Myron G. Pawley

Stability of Dextrose Solutions of Varying pH PDF File
Emma J. McDonald

Infrared Spectrum of Chlorofluoromethane PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and Mary A. Lamb

Resin Bonding of Hardwood Fibers in Offset Papers PDF File
Bourdon W. Scribner, Merle B. Shaw, Martin J. O'Leary, and Joshua K. Missimer

Determination of Very Small Changes in Rate Over Intervals of Several Days in Mechanical Timepieces PDF File
Horace A. Bowman

A Sulfate Susceptibility Test for Portland Cements PDF File
W. C. Taylor and R. H. Bogue

Cascade-Connected Attenuators PDF File
Robert W. Beatty

Total Ionization of Hydrocarbons From Mass Spectral Data PDF File
Fred L. Mohler, Laura Williamson, and Helen M. Dean

Generalization of S. Bernstein's Polynomials to the Infinite Interval PDF File
Otto Szasz

Numerical Determination of Characteristic Numbers PDF File
W. E. Milne