Volume 41 Number 2 August 1948


Strain Test for Evaluation of Rubber Compounds PDF File
Frank L. Roth and Robert D. Stiehler

Strain Tester for Rubber PDF File
William L. Holt, Ellis O. Knox, and Frank L. Roth

Bqrium Aluminate Hydrates PDF File
Elmer T. Carlson and Lansing S. Wells

Aliphatic Halide-Carbonyl Condensations by Means of Sodium PDF File
Edgar A. Cadwallader# Abraham Fookson, Thomas W. Mears, and Frank L. Howard

Barium 2-Ketolactobionate and the Corresponding Barium Bromide Double Salt PDF File
William W. Walton and Horace S. Isbell

Infrared Prism Spectrometry from 24 to 40 Microns PDF File
Earle K. Plyler

Mass Spectra of Octanes PDF File
Evelyn G. Bloom, Fred L. Mohler, J. H. Lengel, and C. Edward Wise

Effects of Substitute Fuels on Automotive Engines PDF File
Clarence S. Bruce, Jesse T. Duck, and A. R. Pierce

Applications of Magnetochemistry to Polymers and Polymerizationl PDF File
Pierce W. Selwood