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A Gas Pressure Scale Based on Primary Standard Piston Gauges PDF File 1,136 kb
Douglas A. Olson, R. Greg Driver, and Walter J. Bowers

An Optical Frequency Comb Tied to GPS for Laser Frequency/Wavelength Calibration PDF File 494 kb
Jack A. Stone and Patrick Egan

Optical Fiber Power Meter Comparison Between NIST and NIM PDF File 135 kb
I. Vayshenker, D. J. Livigni, X. Li, and J. H. Lehman, J. Li, L. M. Xiong and Z. X. Zhang

A Review of Fatigue Crack Growth for Pipeline Steels Exposed to Hydrogen PDF File 525 kb
N. Nanninga, A. Slifka, Y. Levy, and C. White

Assessing Differences Between Results Determined According to the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement PDF File 143 kb
Raghu N. Kacker, Rüdiger Kessel, and Klaus-Dieter Sommer

Variances of Plane Parameters Fitted to Range Data PDF File 194 kb
Marek Franaszek

Acid Neutralization Capacity of a Tricalcium Silicate-Containing Calcium Phosphate Cement as an Endodontic Material PDF File 354 kb
A. Maria Cherng, Shozo Takagi, and Laurence C. Chow

Overlap-Based Cell Tracker PDF File 1,174 kb
Joe Chalfoun, Antonio Cardone, Alden A. Dima, Daniel P. Allen, and Michael W. Halter,