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Bayesian Tomography for Projections with an Arbitrary Transmission Function with an Application in Electron Microscopy PDF File 555 kb
Zachary H. Levine, Anthony J. Kearsley, and John G. Hagedorn

NIST Calibration of a Neutron Spectrometer ROSPEC PDF File 1,178 kb
Craig Heimbach

Synthetic Incoherence via Scanned Gaussian Beams PDF File 149 kb
Zachary H. Levine

In-situ Attenuation Corrections for Radiation Force Measurements of High Frequency Ultrasound With a Conical Target PDF File 170 kb
Steven E. Fick and Dorea Ruggles

Recollections on Sixty Years of NBS Ionizing Radiation Programs for Energetic X Rays and Electrons PDF File 2,030 kb
H. William Koch

Erratum: Noise-Parameter Uncertainties: A Monte Carlo Simulation PDF File 72 kb
J. Randa

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Subject Index to Volume 111 PDF File 473 kb

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