Volume 105 Number 4 July-August 2000

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 192 kb


Using Impedance Spectroscopy to Assess the Viability of the Rapid Chloride Test for Determining Concrete Conductivity PDF File 221 kb
K. A. Snyder, C. Ferraris, N. S. Martys, E. J. Garboczi

Capability in Rockwell C Scale Hardness PDF File 586 kb
Walter S. Liggett, Samuel R. Low, David J. Pitchure, and John Song

Massic Activity Ratios of the NBS/NIST Tritiated-Water Standards Issued Between 1954 and 1999 PDF File 47 kb
L. L. Lucas

Comprehensive Review and Critical Evaluation of the Half-Life of Tritium PDF File 89 kb
L. L. Lucas and M. P. Unterweger

Possible Advantages of a Robust Evaluation of Comparisons PDF File 60 kb
Jörg W. Müller

Equations for the Magnetic Field Produced by One or More Rectangular Loops of Wire in the Same Plane PDF File 84 kb
Martin Misakian

An Auto-Focusing Method in a Microscopic Testbed for Optical Discs PDF File 152 kb
Xiao Tang, Pierre L'Hostis, and Yu Xiao

An Approach to Combining Results From Multiple Methods Motivated by the ISO GUM PDF File 131 kb
M. S. Levenson, D. L. Banks, K. R. Eberhardt, L. M. Gill, W. F. Guthrie, H. K. Liu, M. G. Vangel, J. H. Yen, and N. F. Zhang

Numerical Evaluation of Diffraction Integrals PDF File 238 kb
Klaus D. Mielenz

Computation of Fresnel Integrals. II PDF File 40 kb
Klaus D. Mielenz

Thermal-Conductivity Apparatus for Steady-State, Comparative Measurement of Ceramic Coatings PDF File 2026 kb
A. J. Slifka

Treasure of the Past: III. Gravitational Anisotropy in Crystals PDF File 3903 kb
Paul R. Heyl

NIST Workshop on Luminescence Standards for Chemical Analysis PDF File 98 kb
Paul C. DeRose

News Briefs PDF File 435 kb

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