Volume 105 Number 1 January-February 2000

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 1010 kb


High Resolution {gamma}-Ray Spectroscopy: the First 85 Years PDF File 1953 kb
Richard D. Deslattes

Precision Measurement of Fundamental Constants Using GAMS4 PDF File 2365 kb
M. S. Dewey, and E. G. Kessler, Jr.

The GRID Technique: Current Status and New Trends PDF File 1473 kb
Michael Jentschel, Hans G. Börner, H. Lehmann, and C. Doll

Nuclear Structure–The Future With Radioactive Beams PDF File 1756 kb
D. D. Warner

Low-Spin States From Decay Studies in the Mass 80 Region PDF File 2816 kb
J. Döring, A. Aprahamian, and M. Wiescher

Precision Lifetime Measurements Using the Recoil Distance Method PDF File 732 kb
R. Krücken

Sub-Nanosecond Lifetime Measurement Using the Recoil-Distance Method PDF File 118 kb
Ching-Yen Wu

Study of Interatomic Potentials Using the Crystal-GRID Method on Oriented Single Crystals of Ni, Fe, and Cr PDF File 3581 kb
N. Stritt, J. Jolie, M. Jentschel, H. G. Börner, and C. Doll

Study of Interatomic Potentials in ZnS–Crystal-GRID Experiments Versus Ab Initio Calculations PDF File 800 kb
Timo Koch, Karl-Heinz Heinig, Michael Jentschel, and Hans G. Börner

Neutrino Induced Doppler Broadening PDF File 1236 kb
J. Jolie and N. Stritt

Current Topics in Gamma-Ray Astrophysics PDF File 345 kb
Grant J. Mathews, P. Maronetti, Jay Salmonson, and J. R. Wilson

Nuclear Structure and Galactic {gamma}-Ray Activity PDF File 804 kb
Joachim Görres

GRID and Multiphonon States PDF File 58 kb
S. J. Robinson

Simulations of Gamma Cascades and Modelling Atomic Collision Chains PDF File 168 kb
F. Becvar, M. Krticka, and M. Jentschel

Lifetime Measurements in 178Hf PDF File 96 kb
R. C. de Haan, A. Aprahamian, H. G. Börner, C. Doll, M. Jentschel, A. M. Bruce, and S. R. Lesher

Magnetic Rotation in the A=80 Region: M1 Bands in Heavy Rb Isotopes PDF File 889 kb
R. Schwengner, H. Schnare, S. Frauendorf, F. Dönau, L. Käubler, H. Prade, E. Grosse, A. Jungclaus, K. P. Lieb, C. Lingk, S. Skoda, J. Eberth, G. de Angelis, A. Gadea, E. Farnea, D. R. Napoli, C. A. Ur, and G. Lo Bianco

How Far From Stability Can We Go Using Gammasphere and the FMA? PDF File 49 kb
C. J. Lister

Nuclear Structure Studies With the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Reaction and Gamma-Ray Detection PDF File 256 kb
P. E. Garrett, N. Warr, and S. W. Yates

Phonons and Phase Transitions in Finite Nuclei PDF File 1511 kb
N. V. Zamfir and R. F. Casten

Spectroscopy in the Second Minimum: Isotopic Limits, Lifetimes, and Magnetic Properties of Superdeformed Tl Nuclei PDF File 985 kb
W. Reviol

Nuclear Resonance Photon Scattering Studies of N2 Adsorbed on Grafoil and of NaNO2 Single Crystal PDF File 1743 kb
R. Moreh, Y. Finkelstein, and D. Nemirovsky

GAMS5 PDF File 817 kb
C. Doll, H. G. Börner, T. von Egidy, H. Fujimoto, M. Jentschel, and H. Lehmann

Secondary {gamma} Transitions in 159 Gd After Neutron Capture at Isolated Resonances PDF File 453 kb
S. Pospisil, F. Becvar, C. Granja Bustamante, J. Kubasta, and S. A. Telezhnikov

Application of GRID to Foreign Atom Localization in Single Crystals PDF File 1189 kb
A. Karmann, W. Wesch, B. Weber, H. G. Börner, and M. Jentschel

News Briefs PDF File 503 kb

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