Volume 102 Number 2 March-April 1997

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 45 kb


Configurational Entropy Approach to the Kinetics of Glasses PDF File 334 kb
Edmund A. Di Marzio and Arthur J. M. Yang

Entropy Theory and Glass Transition: A Test by Monte Carlo Simulation PDF File 174 kb
J. Baschnagel, M. Wolfgardt, W. Paul, and K. Binder

Entropy and Fragility in Supercooling Liquids PDF File 183 kb
C. A. Angell

Entropy Crises in Glasses and Random Heteropolymers PDF File 77 kb
Peter G. Wolynes

Adam-Gibbs Formulation of Enthalpy Relaxation Near the Glass Transition PDF File 135 kb
Ian M. Hodge

Evidence for Glass and Spin-Glass Phase Transitions From the Dynamic Susceptibility PDF File 72 kb
D. Bitko, S. N. Coppersmith, R. L. Leheny, N. Menon, S. R. Nagel, and T. F. Rosenbaum

Entropy, Free Volume, and Cooperative Relaxation PDF File 213 kb
Shiro Matsuoka

Conformational Entropy Contributions to the Glass Temperature of Blends of Miscible Polymers PDF File 288 kb
Hans Adam Schneider

Quest for Excellence IX - Conference Report PDF File 18 kb
Cap Frank

News Briefs PDF File 197 kb

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