Volume 101 Number 6 November-December 1996

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 32 kb


Intrinsic Capacitances and Inductances of Quantum Hall Effect Devices PDF File 159 kb
M. E. Cage and A. Jeffery

Optimally Toothed Apertures for Reduced Diffraction PDF File 155 kb
Eric L. Shirley and R. U. Datla

Bombardment Induced Electron-Capture Processes at Sodium Halide Surfaces PDF File 269 kb
Joseph Fine

Statistics and the Question of Standards PDF File 255 kb
Stephen M. Stigler

COMPASS '96 The Eleventh Annual Conference on Computer Assurance - Conference Report PDF File 40 kb
Karen Ferraiolo and Laura M. Ippolito

Workshop on Materials and Measurements for Wireless Communications - Conference Report PDF File 57 kb
Terrell A. Vanderah

Hygrothermal Effects on the Performance of Polymers and Polymeric Composites - Conference Report PDF File 619 kb
Martin Y. M. Chiang and Gregory B. McKenna

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