Volume 70A Number 5 September-October 1966


Orientation of Calcium Molybdate (CaMoO4) and Other Single Crystals Having the Scheelite Structure PDF File
E. N. Farabaugh, H. S. Peiser, and J. B. Wachtman, Jr.

Crystal Structure of BaGe[Ge3 O9]and Its Relation to Benitoite PDF File
C. Robbins, A. Perloff, and S. Block

A Rotating Cylinder Method for Measuring Normal Spectral Emittance of Ceramic Oxide Specimens From 1200 to 1600 °K PDF File
Howard E. Clark and Dwight G. Moore

Electron Absorption Spectrum of Cobalt (II) -Doped Trisphenanthrolinezinc Nitrate Dihydrate PDF File
Curt W. Reimann

Procedures for Homogeneous Anionic Polymerization PDF File
Lewis J. Fetters

The Configurations 4dn+ 4dn-1 5s in Doubly-Ionized Atoms of the Palladium Group PDF File
Yehuda Shadmi