Volume 70A Number 3 May-June 1966


Thermal Relaxation and Brillouin Scattering in Liquids PDF File
Raymond D. Mountain

Density of Polyethylene Crystals Grown From Solution PDF File
Gordon M. Martin and Elio Passaglia

Mechanical Relaxation in Polyethylene Crystallized With Various Degrees of Lamellar Orientation PDF File
John M. Crissman and Elio Passaglia

Pentafluorophenyl Alkyl and Vinyl Ethers PDF File
Walter J. Pummer and Leo A. Wall

Calibration of Germanium Resistors at Low Temperatures (2-20° Kelvin) PDF File
G. Cataland and H. H. Plumb

Dissociation Pressure of Aluminum Carbide Using a Rotating Knudsen Cell PDF File
E. R. Plante and C. H. Schreyer

Determination of Intermolecular Potential Functions From Macroscopic Measurements PDF File
Max Klein