Volume 70A Number 2 March-April 1966


The Mechanism of the Depolymerization of Polytetrafluoroethylene With Pyrolytic and Radiolytic Initiation PDF File
Roland E. Florin, Midgett S. Parker, and Leo A. Wall

Effect of Some Halogenated Hydrocarbons on the Flame Speed of Methane PDF File
Carl Halpern

Rupture-Disk Ampoule for Anhydrous Addition of Hydrogen Fluoride PDF File
Augustus R. Glasgow, Jr.

Further Studies in the Annealing of a Borosilicate Glass PDF File
Sam Spinner and Albert Napolitano

Infrared Spectra of the Hydrated Borates PDF File
C. E. Weir

Interpretation of the Solution Absorption Spectra of the (PuO2)++ and (NpO2)+ Ions PDF File
J. C. Eisenstein and M. H. L. Pryce

Vapor Pressure and Heat of Sublimation of Rhenium PDF File
E. R. Plante and R. Szwarc

Steady-State Response of Silicon Radiation Detectors of the Diffused P-N Junction Type to X rays. II: Photodiode Mode of Operation PDF File
Karl Scharf and Julian H. Sparrow

Absolute Isotopic Abundance Ratios and the Atomic Weight of a Reference Sample of Chromium PDF File
William R. Shields, Thomas J. Murphy, Edward J. Catanzaro, and Ernest L Garner