Volume 67A Number 5 September-October 1963


Reduction of Space Groups to Subgroups by Homogeneous Strain PDF File
H. S. Peiser, J. B. Wachtman, Jr., and R. W. Dickson

High-Temperature Thermodynamic Functions for Zirconium and Unsaturated Zirconium Hydrides PDF File
Thomas B. Douglas

Heat of Oxidation of Aqueous Sulfur Dioxide With Gaseous Chlorine PDF File
Walter H. Johnson and John R. Ambrose

Thickness of Adsorbed Polystyrene Layers by Ellipsometry PDF File
Robert R. Stromberg, Elio Passaglia, and Daniel J. Tutas

Melting Temperature and Change of Lamellar Thickness with Time for Bulk Polyethylene PDF File
James J. Weeks

Precise Coulometric Titrations of Potassium Dichromate PDF File
George Marinenko and John K. Taylor

Resolution Limits of Analyzers and Oscillatory Systems PDF File
Edith L. R. Corliss

Synthesis, Purification, and Physical Properties of Seven Twelve-Carbon Hydrocarbons PDF File
Thomas W. Mears, Connie L, Stanley, Edward L. Compere, Jr.,1 and Frank L. Howard

Reactions of Polyfluorobenzenes With Nucleophilic Reagents PDF File
Leo A. Wall, Walter J. Pummer, James E. Fearn, and Joseph M. Antonucci