Volume 67A Number 4 July-August 1963


Symmetry Splitting of Equivalent Sites in Oxide Crystals and Related Mechanical Effects PDF File
J. B. Wachtman# Jr., H. S. Peiser, and E. P. Levine

Relaxation Modes for Trapped Crystal Point Defects PDF File
A. D. Franklin

A Note on the Galvanomagnetic and Thermoelectric Coefficients of Tetragonal Crystalline Materials PDF File
W. C. Hernandez, Jr., and A. H. Kahn

Photolytic Behavior of Silver Iodide PDF File
G. Burley

Correlation of Muscovite Sheet Mica on the Basis of Color, Apparent Optic Angle, and Absorption Spectrum PDF File
Stanley Ruthberg, Mary W. Barnes, and Ralph H. Noyce

Thermodynamic Properties of Magnesium Oxide and Beryllium Oxide from 298 to 1,200 °K PDF File
Andrew C. Victor2 and Thomas B. Douglas

Heat Exchange in Adiabatic Calorimeters PDF File
E. D. West

Preparation of Anhydrous Single Crystals of Rare-Earth Halides PDF File
Norman H. Kiess

A Phase Study of the System: Oxalic Acid/Acetic Acid/ Water; Its Significance in Oxalic Acid Crystal Growth PDF File
John Strassburger and John L. Torgesen

Wavelength Calibrations in the Far Infrared (30 to 1000 Microns) PDF File
K. Narahari Rao, R. V. de Vore, and Earle K. Plyler

On the Fourth Order Hamiltonian of an Asymmetric Rotor Molecule of Orthorhombic Symmetry PDF File
Wm. B. Olson and H. C. Allen, Jr.

Measurement of the Thickness and Refractive Index of Very Thin Films and the Optical Properties of Surfaces by Ellipsometry PDF File
Frank L. McCrackin, Elio Passaglia, Robert R. Stromberg, and Harold L. Steinberg

Color Phenomena Associated With Energy Transfer in Afterglows and Atomic Flames PDF File
Arnold M. Bass and H. P. Broida