Volume 67A Number 2 March-April 1963


Third Spectrum of Palladium (Pd III) PDF File
A. G. Shenstone

Broadening of the Rotational Lines of Carbon Monoxide by HCl and by Argon PDF File
R. J. Thibault, J. H. Jaffe, and Earle K. Plyler

Theory of Frustrated Total Reflection Involving Metallic Surfaces PDF File
T. R. Young and B. D. Rothrock

Quantitative Metallography With a Digital Computer: Application to a Nb-Sn Superconducting Wire PDF File
G. A. Moore and L. L. Wyman

Moiré Fringes Produced by a Point Projection X-ray Microscope PDF File
Sanford B. Newman

Cyclic Polyhydroxy Ketones. I. Oxidation Products of Hexahydroxybenzene (Benzenehexol) PDF File
Alexander J. Fatiadi, Horace S. Isbell, and William F. Sager

Effect of Pressure and Temperature on the Refractive Indices of Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, and Water PDF File
R. M. Waxier and C. E. Weir

Pressure-Density-Temperature Relations of Fluid Para Hydrogen From 15 to 100 °K at Pressures to 350 Atmospheres PDF File
Robert D. Goodwin, Dwain E. Diller, Hans M. Roder, and Lloyd A. Weber

A Method for Determining the Elastic Constants of a Cubic Crystal from Velocity Measurements in a Single Arbitrary Direction; Application to SrTi03 PDF File
J. B. Wachtman, Jr., M. L. Wheat, and S. Marzullo