Volume 57 Number 4 October 1956


Infrared Spectra of D-Talose Monobenzoate and Related Substances PDF File
H. S. Isbell, J. E. Stewart, H. L. Frush, J. D. Moyer, and F. A. Smith

Small Oil-Free Bearings PDF File
Hobart S. White

Preliminary Spectroradiometric Measurements of the Solar Constant PDF File
Ralph Stair and Russell G. Johnston

Infrared Spectrum of Acetylene PDF File
Harry C. Allen, Jr., Eugene D. Tidwell, and Earle K. Plyler

Variation of Peak Temperature With Heating Rate in Differential Thermal Analysis PDF File
Homer E. Kissinger

Mass Spectrum of Sulfur Vapor PDF File
Paul Bradt, Fred L. Mohler, and Vernon H. Dibeler

Calibration of Vibration Pickups by the Reciprocity Method PDF File
Samuel Levy and Raymond R. Bouche

Method for the Controlled Burning of Combustible Materials and Analyses of the Combustion Gases PDF File
Alan Schriesheim