Volume 57 Number 2 August 1956


Thermal Properties of Aluminum Oxide From 0° to 1,200° K PDF File
George T. Furukawa, Thomas B. Douglas, Robert E. McCoskey, and Defoe C. Ginnings

Stress-Strain Relationships in Yarns Subjected to Rapid Impact Loading: 4. Transverse Impact Tests PDF File
Jack C. Smith, Frank L. McCrackin, Herbert F. Schiefer, Walter K. Stone, and Kathryn M. Towne

Thermal Expansion of Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) From -190° to +300° C PDF File
Richard K. Kirby

Preparation of D-Arabinose-5-C14 From D-Glucose-6-C14 PDF File
Horace S. Isbell, Nancy B. Holt, and Harriet L. Frush

Thermal Expansion of Binary Alkali Silicate Glasses PDF File
Herman F. Shermer

Investigation of an Alternating-Current Bridge for the Measurement of Core Losses in Ferromagnetic Materials at High Flux Densities PDF File
Irvin L. Cooter and William P. Harris

Ionization and Dissociation of the Trifluoromethyl Halides by Electron Impact PDF File
Vernon H. Dibeler, Robert M. Reese, and Fred L. Mohler