Volume 49 Number 1 July 1952


Fine Structure in Some Infrared Bands of Methylene Halides PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and W. S. Benedict

Overlapping Dissociation Constants of 4,4'-Diaminobenzophenone from Spectral-Absorbancy Measurements PDF File
Elizabeth E. Sager and Iris J. Siewers

Calibrating Wavelengths in the Region From 0.6 to 2.6 Microns PDF File
Nicolo Acquista and Earle K. Plyler

Long-Tube Method for Field Determination of Sound-Absorption Coefficients PDF File
Earle Jones, Seymour Edelman, and Albert London

Refractive Uniformity of a Borosilicate Glass After Different Annealing Treatments PDF File
Leroy W. Tilton, Fred W. Rosberry, and Florence T. Badger

Solution of Systems of Linear Equations by Minimized Iterations PDF File
Cornelius Lanczos