Volume 48 Number 6 June 1952


Effect of Strain-Temperature History on the Flow and Fracture of Ingot Iron at Low Temperatures PDF File
Glenn W. Geil and Nesbit L. Cqrwile

Gradient Methods in the Solution of Systems of Linear Equations PDF File
Marvin L. Stein

An Alkaline Solution of Potassium Chromate as a Transmittancy Standard in the Ultraviolet PDF File
Geraldine W. Haupt

Two Applications of Group Characters to the Solution of Boundary-Value Problems PDF File
E. Stiefel

Heterogeneous Equilibria at the Glass Electrode-Solution Interface PDF File
Donald Hubbard and Richard G. Goldman

Preparation of D-Mannitol-C u and Its Conversion to D-Fructose-l-(and 6)-C14 by Acetobacter Suboxydans PDF File
Horace S. Isbell and J. V. Karabinos

Analysis of Goniophotometric Reflection Curves PDF File
Isadore Nimeroff