Volume 48 Number 5 May 1952


Influence of Temperature and Moisture on the Electrical Properties of Leather PDF File
Charles E. Weir

Synthesis of Mica PDF File
Alvin Van Valkenburg and Robert G. Pike

pH Response of Nonhygroscopic Glasses PDF File
Richard G. Goldman and Donald Hubbard

Wavelengths of Rotational Lines in the Water-Vapor Bands at 0.93 and 1.13 Microns PDF File
C. C. Kiess

Comparative Strengths of Four Organic Bases in Benzene PDF File
Marion Maclean Davis and Hannah B. Hetzer

The 3P3 Bands of Carbon Disulfide and Carbon Dioxide PDF File
Norman M, Gailar and Earle K. Plyler

On Cauchy-Riemann Equations in Higher Dimensions PDF File
E. Stiefel