Volume 48 Number 2 February 1952


Film-Rupture Mechanism of Stress Corrosion PDF File
Hugh L. Logan

A Note on the Bounds of the Real Parts of the Characteristic Roots of a Matrix PDF File
P. Stein

Chart for the TE11 Mode Piston Attenuator PDF File
Charles M. Allred

Table of the Zeros and Weight Factors of the First Twenty Hermite Polynomials PDF File
Herbert E. Saizer, Ruth Zucker, and Ruth Capuano

Film Dosimetry of Electrons in the Energy Range 0.5 to 1.4 Million Electron Volts PDF File
J. Fleeman and F. S. Frantz, Jr.

Thermal Converters as AC-DC Transfer Standards for Current and Voltage Measurements at Audio Frequencies PDF File
Francis L. Hermach

Some Nonnegative Trigonometric Polynomials Connected With a Problem in Probability PDF File
Eugene Lukacs and Otto Szdsz

Measurement of Cesium-137 and Cobalt-60 Gamma Radiation With a Pressure Ionization Chamber PDF File
G. R. Grove

Techniques for Growing and Mounting Small Single Crystals of Refractory Compounds PDF File
Fred Ordway

Crystal Forms of Chromium Orthophosphate PDF File
Barbara M. Sullivan and Howard F. McMurdie