Volume 45 Number 5 November 1950


Recirculating Apparatus for Testing Hygrometers PDF File
Arnold Wexler

An Improved Apparatus for Determining Moisture in Rubber by Distillation with Toluene PDF File
Max Tryon

Porcelains Within the Beryllia Field of the System Beryllia-Alumina-Zirconia PDF File
Stewart M. Lang, Laurel H. Maxwell, and Milton D. Burdick

Some Electrical Relations in Galvanic Couples PDF File
H. D. Holler

Study of the System Barium Oxide-Aluminum Oxide-Water at 30° C PDF File
Elmer T. Carlson, Thomas J. Chaconas, and Lansing S. Wells

Permeability of Glass Wool and Other Highly Porous Media PDF File
Arthur S. Iberall

Density, Refractive Index, Boiling Point, and Vapor Pressure of Eight Monoolefin (1-Alkene), Six Pentadiene, and Two Cyclomonoolefin Hydrocarbons PDF File
Alphonse F. Forziati, David L. Camin, and Frederick D. Rossini

A Study of the Determination of the Heat of Hydration of Portland Cement PDF File
Edwin S. Newman

pH Standards of High Acidity and High Alkalinity and the Practical Scale of pH PDF File
Roger G. Bates, Gladys D. Pinching, and Edgar R. Smith

Electrode Function (pH Response), Hygroscopicity, and Chemical Durability of Soda-Lead Oxide-Silica Glasses PDF File
Donald Hubbard, Mason H. Black, and Gerald F. Rynders