Volume 41 Number 1 July 1948


Dipole Moments and Molecular Association of Some Picrates of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Amines in Benzene and Dioxane PDF File
Arthur A. Maryott

Acid-Base Equilibrium Constant and Dipole Moment of Tribenzylammonium Picrate in Benzene from Measurements of Dielectric Constant PDF File
Arthur A. Maryott

Amino Derivatives of Mannuronic Acid PDF File
Harriet L. Frush and Horace S. Isbell

Properties of Barium-Magnesium Titanate Dielectrics PDF File
George R. Shelton, Ansel S. Creamer, and Elmer N. Bunting

Acid-Base Reactions in Organic Solvents. Behavior of Some Halogenated Derivatives of Phenolsulfonephthalein with Different Classes of Organic Bases in Benzene PDF File
Marion Maclean Davis, Priscilla J. Schuhmann, and Mary Ellen Lovelace

Concentration of Copper 63 by the Countercurrent Electromigration Method PDF File
Samuel L. Madorsky and Sidney Straus

An Instrument for the Rapid Production of a Decimal Series of Potentials and Its Application to Ballistic Measurements PDF File
Howard S. Roberts and Harvey L. Curtis

Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Solutions PDF File
John D. Ferry

Density and Refractive Indices of Lactose Solutions PDF File
Emma J. McDonald and Anne L. Turcotte

Stress-Corrosion Tests on High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Sheet PDF File
Hugh L. Logan and Harold Hessing