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Volume 116 Number 3 May-June, 2011 RSS image


Selecting Valid Correlation Areas for Automated Bullet Identification System Based on Striation Detection PDF File 604 kb
Wei Chu, John Song, Theodore V. Vorburger, Robert Thompson, and Richard Silver

Electromagnetic Metrology on Concrete and Corrosion PDF File 565 kb
Sung Kim, Jack Surek, and James Baker-Jarvis

Development of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Calibration Standards: Assignment of Equivalent Reference Fluorophores (ERF) Unit PDF File 501 kb
Lili Wang and Adolfas K. Gaigalas

RECIST Applied to Realistic Tumor Models PDF File 196 kb
Zachary H. Levine, Benjamin R. Galloway, and Adele P. Peskin