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Volume 115 Number 3 May-June, 2010 RSS image


Estimating Volumes of Near-Spherical Molded Artifacts PDF File 1597 kb
David E. Gilsinn, Bruce R. Borchardt, and Amelia Tebbe

Linking the Results of CIPM and RMO Key Comparisons With Linear Trends PDF File 236 kb
Nien Fan Zhang

Precision and Accuracy in Scientific Imaging PDF File 851 kb
Russell A. Kirsch

Interim Report on the Examination of Corrosion Damage in Homes Constructed With Imported Wallboard: Examination of Samples Received September 28, 2009 PDF File 1695 kb
D. J. Pitchure, R. E. Ricker, M. E. Williams, and S. A. Claggett

Software Assurance Using Structured Assurance Case Models PDF File 251 kb
Thomas Rhodes, Frederick Boland, Elizabeth Fong, and Michael Kass