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Polyelectrolyte Multilayer-Treated Electrodes for Real-Time Electronic Sensing of Cell Proliferation PDF File 743 kb
Geraldine I. Mijares, Darwin R. Reyes, Jon Geist, Michael Gaitan, Brian J. Polk, Don L. DeVoe

Improved Contact X-Ray Microradiographic Method to Measure Mineral Density of Hard Dental Tissues PDF File 1,227 kb
B. D. Schmuck and C. M. Carey

NIST Gas Hydrate Research Database and Web Dissemination Channel PDF File 6,375 kb
K. Kroenlein, C. D. Muzny, A. Kazakov, V. V. Diky, R. D. Chirico, M. Frenkel, and E. D. Sloan

Development and Demonstration of a Method to Evaluate Bio-Sampling Strategies Using Building Simulation and Sample Planning Software PDF File 5,858 kb
W. Stuart Dols, Andrew K. Persily, Jayne B. Morrow, Brett D. Matzke, Landon H. Sego, Lisa L. Nuffer, and Brent
A. Pulsipher