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Volume 115 Number 1 January-February 2010 RSS image


An Iterative Image Registration Algorithm by Optimizing Similarity Measurement PDF File 287 kb
Wei Chu, Li Ma, John Song, and Theodore Vorburger

Comparison Between the NIST and the KEBS for the Determination of Air Kerma Calibration Coefficients for Narrow X-Ray Spectra and 137Cs Gamma-Ray Beams PDF File 131 kb
Michelle O’Brien, Ronaldo Minniti, and Stanslaus Alwyn Masinza

Improving Interoperability by Incorporating UnitsML Into Markup Languages PDF File 1,196 kb
Ismet Celebi, Robert A. Dragoset, Karen J. Olsen, Reinhold Schaefer, and Gary W. Kramer

Assessment of Uncertainties for the NIST 1016 mm Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus: Extended Analysis for Low-Density
Fibrous-Glass Thermal Insulation
PDF File 1,070 kb
Robert R. Zarr