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New Spherical Gamma-Ray and Neutron Emitting Sources for Testing of Radiation Detection Instruments PDF File 2,207 kb
L. Lucas and L. Pibida

Comparison of the NIST and PTB Air-Kerma Standards for Low-Energy X-Rays PDF File 143 kb
Michelle O’Brien and Ludwig Bueermann

Elastic-Stiffness Coefficients of Titanium Diboride PDF File 298 kb
Hassel Ledbetter and Takaho Tanaka

DAVE: A Comprehensive Software Suite for the Reduction, Visualization, and Analysis of Low Energy Neutron Spectroscopic Data PDF File 3,949 kb
Richard Tumanjong Azuah, Larry R. Kneller, Yiming Qiu, Philip L. W. Tregenna-Piggott, Craig M. Brown, John R. D. Copley, and Robert M. Dimeo

Subject Index to Volume 114 PDF File 90 kb

Author Index to Volume 114 PDF File 118 kb