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Volume 114 Number 4 July-August 2009 RSS image


Characterization of Probe Dynamic Behaviors in Critical Dimension Atomic Force Microscopy PDF File 3004 kb
Shaw C. Feng, Che Bong Joung, and Theodore V. Vorburger

Procedures for Wavelength Calibration and Spectral Response Correction of CCD Array Spectrometers PDF File 203 kb
A. K. Gaigalas, Lili Wang, Hua-Jun He, and Paul DeRose

Design of the DEMO Fusion Reactor Following ITER PDF File 277 kb
Paul R. Garabedian and Geoffrey B. McFadden

A Method for Assigning Priorities to United States Measurement System (USMS) Needs: Nano-Electrotechnologies PDF File 447 kb
Herbert S. Bennett, Howard Andres, and Joan Pellegrino