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Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Computation and Visualization III. Tight-Binding Wave Functions for Quantum Dots PDF File 1928 kb
James S. Sims, William L. George, Terence J. Griffin, John G. Hagedorn, Howard K. Hung, John T. Kelso, Marc Olano, Adele P. Peskin, Steven G. Satterfield, Judith Devaney Terrill, Garnett W. Bryant, and Jose G. Diaz

Uncertainty Due to Finite Resolution Measurements PDF File 2866 kb
S. D. Phillips, B. Toman, and W. T. Estler

Microarray Scanner Performance Over a Five-Week Period as Measured With Cy5 and Cy3 Serial Dilution Slides PDF File 1684 kb
Mary B. Satterfield, Katrice Lippa, Z. Q. Lu, and Marc L. Salit

Gauge Blocks – A Zombie Technology PDF File 1011 kb
Ted Doiron