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Volume 112 Number 3 May-June 2007 RSS image


Comparison of Calibration Methods for Tristimulus Colorimeters PDF File 803 kb
James L. Gardner

Biophotonic Tools in Cell and Tissue Diagnostics PDF File 165 kb
Michael Brownstein, Robert A. Hoffman, Richard Levenson, Thomas E. Milner, M. L. Dowell, P. A. Williams, G. S. White, A. K. Gaigalas, and J. C. Hwang

Flow Control Through the Use of Topography PDF File 1,195 kb
D. L. Cotrell and A. J. Kearsley

Acoustic Eigenvalues of a Quasispherical Resonator: Second Order Shape Perturbation Theory for Arbitrary Modes PDF File 760 kb
James B. Mehl

Erratum: See correct description of Cover art for Volume 112, Number 2, March-April 2007. PDF File 117 kb