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Volume 111 Number 5 September-October 2006 RSS image


Development of Argon Isotope Reference Standards for the U.S. Geological Survey PDF File 2135 kb
Archie P. Miiller

Normalization and Technical Variation in Gene Expression Measurements PDF File 672 kb
Walter Liggett

Form-Profiling of Optics Using the Geometry Measuring Machine and the M-48 CMM at NIST PDF File 825 kb
Nadia Machkour-Deshayes, John Stoup, Z. Q. John Lu, Johannes Soons, Ulf Griesmann, and Robert Polvani

Comparison of the NIST and BIPM Standards for Air Kerma in Medium-Energy X-Rays PDF File 132 kb
D. T. Burns and M. O’Brien

Ambiguities in Powder Indexing: the Impact of a Quaternary Lattice Metric Singularity on the Characterization of Mawsonite and Chatkalite PDF File 137 kb
Alan D. Mighell

Spectrally Tunable Sources for Advanced Radiometric Applications PDF File 1179 kb
S. W. Brown, J. P. Rice, J. E. Neira, B. C. Johnson, and J. D. Jackson