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RM 8111: Development of a Prototype Linewidth Standard PDF File 2,266 kb
Michael W. Cresswell, William F. Guthrie, Ronald G. Dixson, Richard A. Allen, Christine E. Murabito, and J. V. Martinez De Pinillos

Requirements for the Development of Bacillus Anthracis Spore Reference Materials Used to Test Detection Systems PDF File 773 kb
Jamie L. Almeida, Lili Wang, Jayne B. Morrow, and Kenneth D. Cole

Variable Magnification With Kirkpatrick-Baez Optics for Synchrotron X-Ray Microscopy PDF File 784 kb
Terrence Jach, Alex S. Bakulin, Stephen M. Durbin, Joseph Pedulla, and Albert Macrander

Simulating Timescale Dynamics of Network Traffic Using Homogeneous Modeling PDF File 1,137 kb
Jian Yuan and Kevin L. Mills

Simple Thermal-Efficiency Model for CMOS-Microhotplate Design PDF File 632 kb
Jon Geist, M. Yaqub Afridi, Ankush Varma, and Allen R. Hefner

Erratum: External-Field Shifts of the 199Hg+ Optical Frequency Standard PDF File 68 kb
Wayne M. Itano