Volume 109 Number 5 September-October 2004

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 736 kb


Optical Diffraction in Close Proximity to Plane Apertures. III. Modified, Self-Consistent Theory PDF File 581 kb
Klaus D. Mielenz

Development of A High Throughput Method Incorporating Traditional Analytical Devices PDF File 806 kb
C. C. White, E. Embree, W. E. Byrd, and A. R. Patel

Determining the Uncertainty of X-Ray Absorption Measurements PDF File 664 kb
Gary S. Wojcik

Analytical Representations of Elastic Moduli Data With Simultaneous Dependence on Temperature and Porosity PDF File 552 kb
R. G. Munro

Electron-Impact Cross Sections for Ground State to np Excitations of Sodium and Potassium PDF File 750 kb
Philip M. Stone and Yong-Ki Kim

Stability Comparison of Recordable Optical Discs--A Study of Error Rates in Harsh Conditions PDF File 654 kb
Oliver Slattery, Richang Lu, Jian Zheng, Fred Byers, and Xiao Tang

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