Volume 102 Number 1 January-February 1997

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 34 kb


Energy-Filtered High-Resolution Electron Microscopy for Quantitative Solid State Structure Determination PDF File 1041 kb
Z. L. Wang, D. van Heerden, D. Josell, and A. J. Shapiro

Optimum Design of a Ceramic Tensile Creep Specimen Using a Finite Element Method PDF File 720 kb
Z. Wang, C. K. Chiang, and T.-J. Chuang

Interlaboratory Comparison on High-Temperature Superconductor Critical-Current Measurements PDF File 723 kb
J. A. Wiejaczka and L. F. Goodrich

DNA Molecules as Standard Reference Materials I: Development of DNA Identification Sequences and Human Mitochondrial DNA Reference Sequences PDF File 277 kb
Keith McKenney, Joel Hoskins, Jingxiang Tian, and Prasad Reddy

Water Calorimetry: The Heat Defect PDF File 140 kb
Norman V. Klassen and Carl K. Ross

Extension of the NIST AC-DC Difference Calibration Service for Current to 100 kHz PDF File 113 kb
Joseph R. Kinard, Thomas E. Lipe, and Clifton B. Childers

Results of the NIST National Ball Plate Round Robin PDF File 167 kb
G. W. Caskey, S. D. Phillips, and B. R. Borchardt

The Sixth International Meeting on Chemical Sensors PDF File 85 kb
Howard H. Weetall

News Briefs PDF File 191 kb

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