Volume 100 Number 5 September-October 1995

Front Cover–Title Page–ContentsPDF File 26 kb


Low Electrolytic Conductivity Standards PDF File 69 kb
Yung Chi Wu and Paula A. Berezansky

Potential and Current Distributions Calculated Across a Quantum Hall Effet Sample at Low and High Currents PDF File 181 kb
M. E. Cage and C. F. Lavine

Microform Calibration Uncertainties of Rockwell Diamond Indenters PDF File 1077 kb
J. F. Song, F. F. Rudder, Jr., T. V. Vorburger, and J. H. Smith

Performance Measures for Geometric Fitting in the NIST Algorithm Testing and Evaluation Program for Coordinate Measurement Systems PDF File 118 kb
Theodore H. Hopp and Mark S. Levenson

A Study on the Reuse of Plastic Concrete Using Extended Set-Retarding Admixtures PDF File 168 kb
Colin Lobo, William F. Guthrie, and Raghu Kacker

A Third Generation Water Bath Based Blackbody Source PDF File 315 kb
Joel B. Fowler

COMPASS '95 Tenth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance - Conference Report PDF File 31 kb
Bonnie P. Danner, Laura M. Ippolito, and Dolores R. Wallace

News Briefs PDF File 132 kb

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