Volume 81 Number 2-3 March-June 1977


Diffusion with Discontinuous Swelling - III. Type II Diffusion as a Particular Solution of the Conventional PDF File
Anton Peterlin

Thermophysical Measurements on 90Ti-6AI-4V Alloy Above 1450 K Using a Transient (Subsecond) Technique PDF File
A. Cezairliyan, J. L. McClure, and R. Taylor

Evaporation of a Liquid Droplet PDF File
Richard Kayser, Jr., and Herbert S. Bennett

Isotope Effects in the Association Reactions of Methyl and Ethyl Iodide Cations PDF File
L. Wayne Sieck

Solubility of Ca5(P04)3OH in the System Ca(OH)2-H3P04-H20 at 5, 15, 25, and 37 °C PDF File
H. McDowell, T. M. Gregory, and W. E. Brown

Thermodynamics of the Densification Process for Polymer Glasses PDF File
John E. McKinney, and Robert Simba