Volume 81A Number 1 January-February 1977


On the Atomic Weight of Gallium PDF File
George Marinenko

Vapor Pressure Formulation for Ice PDF File
Arnold Wexler

Standard pH Values for the Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate Reference Buffer Solution from 0 to 60 °C PDF File
Hannah B. Hetzer, Richard A. Durst, R. A. Robinson and Roger G. Bates

Atlas of the l2 Spectrum from 19 000 to 18 000 cm-1 PDF File
J. D. Simmons and J. T. Hougen

The NBS Two-Pressure Humidity Generator, Mark 2 PDF File
S. Hasegawa and J. W. Little

Humidity Fixed Points of Binary Saturated Aqueous Solutions PDF File
Lewis Greenspan

Frequency Dependence of Intrinsic Stress and Birefringence Tensor of Bead/Spring Model of Polymer Solutions PDF File
A. Peterlin and J. T. Fong