Volume 67A Number 6 November-December 1963


Analysis of the Spectrum of Neutral Atomic Bromine (Br) PDF File
Jack L. Tech

Matrices of Spin-Orbit Interaction in the ElecJ Configurations np2 n1 p and np4 n1 p PDF File
Jack L. Tech

A Study of the Gas-Stabilized Arc as an Emission Source for the Measurement of Oscillator Strengths. Determination of Some Relative gf-Values for Fe I PDF File
Marvin Margoshes and Bourdon F. Scribner

Tritium-Labeled Compounds IX. Determination of Isotope Effects in Reactions Yielding Water-f from Nonvolatile Reactants. Oxidation of Aldoses-1-t With Iodine PDF File
Horace S. Isbell and Lorna T. Sniegoski

Buffer Solutions of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate and Sodium Succinate at 25 °C PDF File
Maya Paabo, Roger G. Bates, and Robert A. Robinson

Recalibration of the NBS Glass Standards of Spectral Transmittance PDF File
Harry J. Keegan, John C. Schleter, and Marion A. Belknap

Thermal Behavior of Muscovite Sheet Mica PDF File
Stanley Ruthberg

Absolute Configuration and Chemical Topology PDF File
Stephen J. Tauber

Reversibility of Polyester Adsorption on Glass PDF File
Robert R. Stromberg and Warren H. Grant

Chemical Purity by Dielectric Cryometry PDF File
Gaylon S. Ross and Lois J. Frolen

Adsorption, Desorption, Resorption PDF File
William V. Loebenstein

Color Phenomena in Polymer Fracture PDF File
Sanford B. Newman and Irvin Wolock