Volume 66A Number 4 July-August 1962


Dielectric Properties of Semicrystalline Polychlorotrifluoroethylene PDF File
Arnold H. Scott, Donald J. Scheiber, Alexander J. Curtis, John I. Lauritzen, Jr., and John D. Hoffman

Thermal Degradation of Fractionated High and Low Molecular Weight Polystyrenes PDF File
S. L. Madorsky, D. Mclntyre, J. H. O'Mara, and S. Straus

Synthesis of 2-Propoxy-5-Methylbenzoic Acid PDF File
Gerhard M. Brauer and Lester Simon

The Gamma-Ray Distribution From Oriented Cerium-141 PDF File
J. F. Schooley, D. D. Hoppes, and A. T. Hirshfeld

Light Source for Producing Self-Reversed Spectral Lines PDF File
Jack Sugar

A Diamond Cell for X-ray Diffraction Studies at High Pressures PDF File
G. J. Piermarini and C. E. Weir

Thermal Conductivity of Gases. I. The Coaxial Cylinder Cell PDF File
Leslie A. Guildner

Thermal Conductivity of Gases. II Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Dioxide Near the Critical Point PDF File
Leslie A. Guildner

Derivation of the Relaxation Spectrum Representation of the Mechanical Response Function PDF File
Robert S. Marvin

Intermediate Phases in Superconducting Niobium-Tin Alloys PDF File
L. L. Wyman, J. R. Cuthill# G. A. Moore, J. J. Park, and H. Yakowitz