Volume 66A Number 2 March-April 1962


Correction Factors for the Calibration of Encapsulated Radium Sources PDF File
R. M. Lee and T. P. Loftus

Description and Analysis of the Second Spectrum of Tantalum, Ta II PDF File
C. C. Kiess

Vibration-Rotation Bands of Carbonyl Sulfide PDF File
Arthur G. Maki, Earle K. Plyler, and Eugene D. Tidwell

Ionization in the Plasma of a Copper Arc PDF File
Charles H. Corliss

The Vapor Pressure of Palladium PDF File
R. F. Hampson and R. F. Walker

Revised Standard Values for pH Measurements from 0 to 95 °C PDF File
Roger G. Bates

Conductometric Determination of Sulfhydryl Groups in Swollen Polycaprolactam Fibers Having Disulfide and Alkylene Sulfide Crosslinks PDF File
Stephen D. Bruck and Sylvia M. Bailey

Chromatographic Analysis of Petroleum Fractions Used in Oil-Extended Rubber PDF File
Dominic J. Termini and Augustus R. Glasgow

Cross-Sectional Correction for Computing Young's Modulus From Longitudinal Resonance Vibrations of Square and Cylindrical Rods PDF File
Wayne E. Tefft and Sam Spinner