Volume 66A Number 1 January-February 1962


Absolute Isotopic Abundance of Terrestrial Silver PDF File
William R. Shields, Ernest L. Garner, and Vernon H. Dibeler

Temperature of a Copper Arc PDF File
Charles H. Corliss

Melting Process and the Equilibrium Melting Temperature of Polychlorotrifluoroethylene PDF File
John D. Hoffman and James J. Weeks

Tritium-Labeled Compounds VIII Confirmation of the Position of the Tritium in D-Glucose-6-t and D-Glucitol-5-t PDF File
Lorna T. Sniegoski and Horace S. Isbell

Infrared Absorption Spectra in the Study of Mutarotational Equilibria of Monosaccharides PDF File
R. Stuart Tipson and Horace S. Isbell

Preparation of High Purity Trimethylborane PDF File
Gaylon S. Ross, Delmo Enagonio, Clifford A. Hewitt, and Augustus R. Glasgow

Reaction of Several Aminopyrimidines With Formaldehyde PDF File
Gerald L. McLeod

Acidic Dissociation Constant and Related Thermodynamic Quantities for Diethanolammonium Ion in Water From 0 to 50 °C PDF File
Vincent E. Bower, Robert A. Robinson, and Roger G. Bates

Fiber Structure—Property Relationships II: Macroscopic Deformations of Alkylene Sulfide Crosslinked Polycaprolactam Fibers PDF File
Stephen D. Bruck

Ion Transport Across Membranes: I. Definitions of Membrane Electromotive Forces and of Flows of Electrolytic Solutes PDF File
Blanton C. Duncan