Volume 57 Number 3 September 1956


Techniques in High-Resolution Coincidence Counting PDF File
George H. Minton

Chemical Activity of Gamma-Irradiated Polymethyl Methacrylate PDF File
Leo A. Wall and Daniel W. Brown

Purification of Substances by a Process of Freezing and Fractional Melting Under Equilibrium Conditions PDF File
Augustus R. Glasgow, Jr., and Gaylon Ross

A High-Voltage Pulse Generator arid Tests on an Improved Deflecting System of a Cold-Cathode Oscillograph PDF File
Harold N. Cones

Dissociation Constant of Piperidinium Ion From 0° to 50° C and Related Thermodynamic Quantities PDF File
Roger G. Bates and Vincent E. Bower

Color Evaluation in the Cane Sugar Industry PDF File
Victor R. Deitz

System for Classification of Structurally Related Carbohydrates PDF File
Horace S. Isbell