Volume 57 Number 1 July 1956


Mixed Path Ground Wave Propagation: 1. Short Distances PDF File
James R. Wait

Effect of Object Frequency on Focal Position of Four Photographic Objectives PDF File
Fred W. Rosberry

An Examination of the 1955 Helium Vapor-Pressure Scales of Temperature PDF File
E. Ambler and R. P. Hudson

Heats of Formation of Xonotlite, Hillebrandite, and Foshagite PDF File
Edwin S. Newman

Effect of Camera Tipping on the Location of the Principal Point PDF File
Francis E. Washer

Mass Spectra of Some Lead Alkyls PDF File
Edith I. Quinn, Vernon H. Dibeler, and Fred L. Mohler

Frequency Response of Second-Order Systems With Combined Coulomb and Viscous Damping PDF File
Thomas A. Perls and Emile S. Sherrard