Volume 49 Number 3 September 1952


Effect of Moisture on Compressibility of Natural High Polymers PDF File
C. E. Weir

Thermodynamics of Some Simple Sulfur-Containing Molecules PDF File
William H. Evans and Donald D. Wagman

A Correlation of Polarized Light Extinctions With Crystal Orientation in 70 Nickel-30 Copper Alloy PDF File
H. C. Vacher

Magnesium-Rich Side of the Magnesium-Zirconium Constitution Diagram PDF File
J. H. Schaum and H. C. Burnett

A Study of the Diphenylamine Test for Aliphatic Nitrocompounds PDF File
Kivi Grebber and J. V. Karabinos

Influence of Prior Strain History on the Tensile Properties and Structures of High-Purity Copper PDF File
William D. Jenkins and Thomas G. Digges

A Description of the Arc and Spark Spectra of Rhenium PDF File
William F. Meggers

Hydraulic Resistance Effect Upon the Dam-Break Functions PDF File
Robert F. Dressier

Ultraviolet Radiant Energy From the Sun Observed At 11,190 Feet PDF File
Ralph Stair