Volume 49 Number 2 August 1952


Heats of Hydration and Pozzolan Content of Portland-Pozzolan Cements PDF File
Edwin S. Newman and Lansing S. Wells

Infrared Properties of Cesium Bromide Prisms PDF File
Earle K. Plyler and Nicolo Acquista

Titanium Dioxide Rectifiers PDF File
R. G. Breckenridge and W. R. Hosier

Infrared Spectra of Noble Gases (12000 to 19000 A) PDF File
Curtis J. Humphreys and Henry J. Kostkowski

A Viscometric Study of the Micelles of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in Dilute Solutions PDF File
Lawrence M. Kushner, Blanton C. Duncan, and James I. Hoffman

Absorption Spectrum of Water Vapor Between 4.5 and 13 Microns PDF File
W. S. Benedict, H. H. Claassen, and J. H. Shaw

On Calculating the Zeros of Polynomials by the Method of Lucas PDF File
Herbert E. Salzer