Volume 45 Number 6 December 1950


Mass Spectra of the Deuteromethanes PDF File
Vernon H. Dibeler and Fred L. Mohler

First Dissociation Constant of Succinic Acid from 0° to 50° G and Related Thermodynamic Quantities PDF File
Gladys D. Pinching and Roger G. Bates

Effects of Prior Static and Dynamic Stresses on the Fatigue Strength of Aluminum Alloys PDF File
John A. Bennett and James L. Baker

Boiling Points of Aqueous Solutions of Dextrose Within the Pressure Range of 200 to 1,500 Millimeters PDF File
John L. Torgesen,1 Vincent E. Bower, and Edgar R. Smith

Wavelengths for Calibration of Prism Spectrometers PDF File
Earle K. Plyer and C. Wilbur Peters

High-Pressure Apparatus for Compressibility Studies and its Application to Measurements on Leather and Collagen PDF File
Charles E. Weir

Arc and Spark Spectra of Technetium PDF File
William F. Meggers and Bourdon K Scribner

Dissociation Constants of 4-Aminobenzophenone Calculated From Ultraviolet Spectra at Several Temperatures PDF File
Elizabeth E. Sager and Iris J. Siewers

A New Method of Radioactive Standard Calibration PDF File
Howard H. Seliger

A Problem in Precision Cam Design PDF File
Joseph Blum

Real Roots of Real Dirichlet L-Series PDF File
J. Barkley Rosser

Forced Oscillations in Nonlinear Systems PDF File
Mary L. Cartwright